FW 17

ENDURANCE, one of the most masculine sports ever, is the theme that inspired the CORIMAMENTA FW17/18 collection.
A balance of feminine masculinity makes the product’s design androgynous.
It transforms all its comprised elements into a typically “masculine and sporty” world, yet in a feminine manner, loyally maintaining the chrome detailing, patches and details.
The stylistic reinterpretation is executed in such a way that day and night looks convey a singular identity.

ENDURO BOOTS become sexy boots, BIKER BOOTS finished in unusual skins, chromatically revisited, and TEXAN BOOTS from typical ‘8Os Italian style.
Sandals, pumps and cuissardes boots are dressed in technical accessories.
The materials and colours selected complete the iconographic inspiration and mood.
Important TEXTURES (calfskin, deer and matelassé nappa leather, elaphe water snake and faux fur) and shocking chrome (fuchsia, glycerine and prune / blood, dust and asphalt).

Unique accessories has being used: technical buckles that crown the entire collection, while logos and plastic zippers faithfully recall the world of athletic apparel.

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