About me

After having attended the Art Institute in Syracuse, given my love of fashion, I had to move to Milan to pursue my dream and live my life.
I attended the prestigious Marangoni Institute of Milan, and I began working almost immediately for the most famous Milanese fashion houses. After having worked for an extended amount of time in various design offices, then as a fashion consultant, I decided that the moment had arrived to follow my lifelong dream: to have my own fashion line. CORIAMENTA was born out of my passion for accessories and my unyielding determination.
I realised that in the realm of luxury apparel, a niche remained completely void: that of luxury footwear in sizes that exceeded the standard. From this realisation, my desire to design special shoes for special woman was born.
Working with gorgeous, exigent, lively women was, for me, the most formative experience, and I enthusiastically felt myself to be more of a psychologist than a stylist or designer, always searching the right mood and the perfect moment to propose something.
My big objective is to become a world-renowned brand. I’d like Coriamenta to become synonymous with the style and character of Made in Italy, the must-have of Italian luxury footwear.
To design my collections, I draw inspiration from style and film icons of my childhood, those with whom I grew, who shaped my taste and love of beauty: from Grace Jones, to Stefania Rotolo, including Sophia Loren and Brigitte Bardot. A great deal of my inspiration also comes from my family, which is comprised predominately of women.
I love the Hellenistic culture, I’m wild about extreme sports, motocross and clubbing… In the end, my fashion melds with my passions, experiences and stories, making it completely impulsive and autobiographical.
My hidden dream? I hope to accompany my footwear with other accessories… and why not a total look?